I believe our labradoodle Sasha is the pickiest eater. We have tried several “quality” dog foods over the years but after a couple of weeks she barely eats. Some she walked away from at the start. So I was skeptical at first when we tried Life’s Abundance with her. She loves it! Her coat has really improved. Her itchy skin has disappeared. This is truly a fantastic nutritional dog food.

We did our research and although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pet’s best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. In fact, you maybe shocked to learn what some brands of pet food really contain.

Why is Life’s Abundance Better?

Life’s Abundance foods are veterinarian-formulated with select ingredients to help your dog achieve optimum health. They use a“fast-cook” process at low temperatures to help preserve the nutritional value of each and every wholesome ingredient. And they maintain strict inventory controls to ensure the quality and safety of our foods.

Life’s Abundance foods are made with the finest ingredients, including

Since they use only wholesome ingredient, this formula contains

Choose Life’s Abundance for your dog because a recipe for a better life is more than meeting minimum requirements.

Each of our puppies will be on the Life’s Abundance All Stage prior to coming home. Please order your puppy a bag of food and any supplements or treats you may want so there is no lapse in feeding quality kibble to your new puppy.