About Us

In January of 2013 we purchased our first Australian labradoodle for our special-needs son, Daniel. Sasha and Daniel have been the best of friends since. A better breed could not have been chosen for him and our family. She was able before training to understand the different needs of our two special sons. With a wonderful personality and tender temperament, Sasha was just what we needed.

We became well educated in the Australian Labradoodle and continue that education today by testing our dogs to bring out the best of the best before making the decision to breed.

We are a small breeder located in Hope Mills, NC. We enjoy breeding our Australian Labradoodles and look forward to years of puppy playtime with our children. With a positive out look, quality breeding practices and adorable puppies we hope to match you up to one of them. 

Because of our wonderful clients we are able through the sale of each puppy to give back to other special children. Each year we donate puppies to children with special needs. These puppies are trained specifically for the needs of their special child. Thanks to all who have and will purchase from us so we can give back.