The Boys of Daniel’s Doodles



Charlie is our favorite chocolate boy! He was born October 7, 2018. Charlie lives in western North Carolina with a wonderful guardian family. He has a wonderful temperament and loves to play. 








Gizmo is the life of the party!! He’s fabulous! A playful guy but a great snuggler too! He does it all! Gizmo was born August 12, 2018 and is from our wonderful Sasha and Psalty (Love My Labradoodles). Gimzo lives in Chapel Hill, NC with an awesome Guardian family and is adored by everyone that meets him. 








Honty Hammer Hodges!! That’s a name to be proud of! This guy is playful and tender, curious yet very intelligent. Our beautiful red boy was born June 25, 2019 and lives with his guardian in Charlotte, NC.








Ben is the life of the party!! A wonderful, playful personality and a smile to melt your heart. This boy is wonderful inside and out! Ben was born March 31, 2019 and lives in Fayetteville, NC.







This boy is super cute and quite the lady’s man!! Tobias loves to run and play (and get a bit dirty from time to time) but doesn’t like the kids leaving him behind.  Tobias lives with his guardian family in Fayetteville, NC








LUKE!! LUKE!! LUKE! This guy is a HOOT! He’s fun. He’s adorable. He’s cuddly. YES, he’s perfect! He loves to ride!! He’ll bring the ball to you and catch it in mid air so don’t leave him waiting cause he’ll stare you down!! Luke lives with his guardian in Fayetteville, NC.






Meet Dougie!! Adorable, fun and a lot of laughs. Dougie loves to camp and hang out with his friends. He lives in Fayetteville, NC with this guardian family.