The Boys of Daniel’s Doodles

Charlie was born October 7, 2018. He was the handsomest boy out of Willow and Winston (Danmar Labradoodles). He lives on a golf course just outside of Fayetteville, NC where there is plenty of people to watch and plenty of attention to get. He has a wonderful temperament and loves to play with  his family. Charlie’s testing is complete and he is available for stud. 







Gizmo is the life of the party!! He’s fabulous! A playful guy but a great snuggler too! He does it all! Gizmo was born August 12, 2018 and is from our wonderful Sasha and Psalty (Love My Labradoodles). Gimzo lives in Chapel Hill, NC with an awesome Guardian family  and is adored by everyone that meets him. Gizmo’s testing is complete and he is available for stud. 







Oliver is outrageously funny and energetic. He keeps everyone moving and loves the attention.  He was born July 19, 2018 and comes from Melonie (Danmar Labradoodles) and Winston (Danmar Labradoodles). Oliver is a big boy (standard) and running and playing ball is definitely a great time for him. He lives with a great family on a golf course and with a pool–hmmm lets see how that turns out this summer!! Oliver has a special young lady he is a companion to and even though he’s big he loves to be brushed and snuggled. Oliver’s testing will begin early in 2020.






Honty Hammer Hodges!! That’s a name to be proud of! This beautiful little boy is playful and tender, curious yet very intelligent. Watching him grow will be an adventure we are sure not to miss. This beautiful red boy was born June 25, 2019 and lives with his guardian Logan in Charlotte, NC. Honty will begin testing during the spring of 2020.