The Girls of Daniel’s Doodles


Allie is very playful and enjoys the kids as much as they do her. She loves to run and follow behind them wherever they go. Allie is apricot/parti and lives in Grays Creek, NC with the Gaskins Family.  Allie is 17″ tall and weighs 25 lbs. 













Mango is the awesome! Named by a beautiful little girl and what a great name it became! So much so that it was adopted by two of our other pet families. Mango is a beautiful dog with a personality to match! She has a soft loose curl coat–you just can’t resist running your hands through it. She lives in Fayetteville, NC with the Germany Family and has three beautiful girls to play with every day.  Mango is 18″ tall and weighs 30 lbs. 








Queso or “KC” is awesome! She’s Apricot-parti with a dash of red and a beautiful smile. KC loves to run in her back yard or just lay on the couch and watch tv. She gets all the love and attention that two people can give her. She lives in Fayetteville, NC with the Walker Family. KC is 18″ tall and weighs 23 lbs.







Lanee is adorable! She has a wonderful temperament and of course loves to play (even if the cats don’t). She lives with the Bullock family in Saint Pauls, NC. Lanee is 19″ tall and weighs 35 lbs








Meet Pepper!! She’s a lot of spunk in a little package! A great personality with a lot of playfulness all wrapped up in a curly merle coat with beautiful blue eyes. She’s going to be a mom of beautiful puppies in 2021 but until then she has a great family to play with. 







Bella has the personality and tender temperament it takes to live with four (yes, four!) very active little boys. She’s cuddled by mom and the boys just want to run and play with her. Bella lives in Fayetteville, NC with her loving guardian family. 








Willow is a little bit of chocolate swirl! This beautiful little girl is precious as can be. These beautiful colors and wonderful temperament will one day create gorgeous puppies.  For now she gets to play with her guardian family.







Ruby is our big girl. We love her personality and air of royalty. Very reserved and dignified but sneaks in playtime with Tobias and the kids! Ruby lives in Fayetteville, NC with her guardian Rosa. She is 21″ tall and 45 lbs.







Kate is our beautiful dark chocolate girl. She is expressive and fun to be around. Kate lives in Surf City, SC and is spoiled by her guardian, Jenny. We are grateful to have her in our program.