The Girls of Daniel’s Doodles

Willow is a beautiful apricot/parti Australian Labradoodle. She has the sweetest temperament and personality. She resides in Fayetteville, NC with the Smith family and gets to come and play when they travel. We have enjoyed Willow and her puppies the last few years. She’s a tender loving dog and loves to snuggle. Willow is 17″ tall and weighs 20 lbs







Allie is very playful and enjoys the kids as much as they do her. She loves to run and follow behind them wherever they go. Allie is apricot/parti and lives in Grays Creek, NC with the Gaskins Family. They have four wonderful children that keep her busy and playful. When she comes to visit us our kids can’t wait to get her outside to play! Allie is 18″ tall and weighs 23 lbs. 







Mango is the one! Named by a beautiful little girl and what a great name it became! So much so that it was adopted by two of our other pet families. Mango is a beautiful dog with a personality to match! She has a soft loose curl coat–you just can’t resist running your hands through it. She lives in Fayetteville, NC with the Germany Family and has three beautiful girls to play with every day.  Mango weighs 27 lbs. 







Luna is outrageous!!! She maybe small but she certainly makes up for it in spunk! She’s funny and playful and what a comic! She loves to swim in the backyard pool–or take off with the pool noodles. She can relax while you read a book but look out when you put that book down because it’s her signal for playtime! Luna lives in Fayetteville, NC with her guardian family.  







Zuri is the bounce of the house! We enjoy her playfulness as it never ends. She has a wonderful personality that we hope to match up with our boy Charlie. Zuri is Chocolate with white markings and is smart as can be. She’s loves to fetch the ball and can’t wait for playtime–often waking up before it’s time! 








Queso “Cassie” is a one of a kind. She’s spent a few weeks with us as a puppy before going to her guardian home and we adored her. She’s Apricot/parti with a beautiful smile like her mother, Sasha. Queso loves to run in her back yard or just lay on the couch and watch tv. She gets all the love and attention that two people can give her. She lives in Fayetteville, NC with the Walker Family. 







Halani is the riot of the house! There is never a dull moment with her around. She loves to play and play and play. She has a lot of energy and plenty of kids to help wear her down. She’ll jump into your arms and turn over for a tummy rub in a minute but watch out cause she’ll drink your cup of coffee if you leave it sitting. We are hopeful to have some blue-eyed F3 puppies. Halani is 11 lbs..






Lanee is an adorable little girl that will bring amazingly beautiful puppies to our lines. She has a wonderful temperament and of course loves to play (even if the cats don’t). She lives with the Bullock family in Saint Pauls, NC.